I am an animator, artist and film maker working with creative and cultural organisations, music labels and bands, film / TV production companies and agencies to create visual content, VR worlds, films, sounds and other pieces.

I first learnt my skills by creating my own animations and artwork using a modified Amiga computer, and then later collaborating on video games in the mid late nineties before finding freelance work in the broadcast production world in London.

Before doing an Art Foundation and some undergraduate study at Staffordshire University, I studied digital animation at Preston College on their adult education programme there creating complex pieces with the simplest of techniques and software.

I’ve continued to adopt this approach, never using a hammer to crack a nut is my favoured approach to temper technical flagrance that can quickly stifle a project’s creativity and viability.

Ways I work with clients and commissioners are to:

Create compelling and dynamic moving imagery for music video / live events
Design worlds for stories to be told in (VR / Street theatre)
Write and collaborate on scripts, treatments and outlines for films, documentary, TV and live events.
Create sound for moving image, installations
Create installations for galleries
Consult on media / arts projects from workshops and street theatre to feature films and TV documentary series.
Create video for TV docs, education, films

I like to remain flexible in style, answering each brief or call to creativity with as fresh an approach as I can bring to it. While I’ve never consciously adopted a style, it is probable that my work is somehow identifiable, whether from use of texture and form, or from rhythmic sensibilities, a sense of my own self inevitably ends up in there somewhere.

Please feel free to get in touch, either directly on christiankrupa@gmail.com to arrange a call or chat, or follow me on instagram @cgkrupa or YouTube / Vimeo

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