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About me
As an artist, animator and filmmaker I like to explore the boundary between the real and the imaginary in my work. From film and television, to stage and gallery I have worked with both cutting edge and more traditional or hybrid techniques taking a thoughtful and expressive approach. Over twenty years of experience, from running a small studio in London, directing with the BBC in Bristol, to freelancing all over the world both onsite and remotely I’ve encountered a huge range of difficult situations and always emerged successful and smiling.
While focusing on making your project dazzle and shine, taking a step back to absorb the wider story we are telling is always part of my process, whether we deal with it explicitly or not, I’ll be working on it.
Whether it’s bringing tears to Pink’s eyes by hitting the emotional notes just right on the archive edit for Dear Mr President, or diving deep into the dark arts of generative graphics for Henrik Schwartz, or making sure the motion control stage lift doesn’t jar Madonna’s spine on the tour, I am always thinking around the problem, and using a more holistic approach to find elegant solutions.

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