This music video was made for Henrik Schwartz and K7 Records in April / May 2018. Responding to the algorhythmic nature of the music, I resolved to put into practice generative techniques I had been developing using the "Animation Nodes" addon in Blender 3D. Each setup reacts to the peaks, troughs and frequencies of stems of the recorded piece and produce a layer of 3D graphics. Some were in colour with shading while some were simply black and white. I made around 40 of these layers and used them to make a rough cut in Premiere, which I developed alongside new generative layers until the piece felt solid. This edit was then imported to After Effect for a fine cut and more control over the compositing and colouring. Final sections were added in consultation with Henrik and the final piece delivered to Apple Music in June 2018. 
I plan to continue developing these techniques, in Blender but also in real time setups including Touch Designer and Notch with a view to producing VR as well as content for LED / projection screens.
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