This showreel comprises a selection of my work from the period 2008 - 2011. The pieces are as follows in order of appearance.

Doha Tribeca Film Festival theatre trailer. I provided location support in the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar to cameraman Thomas Haines and director,Jamie Riordan in the weeks leading up the the inaugural festival held in Doha, the capital of Qatar. We edited and post produced the commercial in the festival facilities, editing in Final Cut with the post achieved with a mix of Syntheyes, Blender 3D and After Effects, the final grade was facilitated in London by Prime Focus. (1 minute 10 seconds, 2009)

F1 Ferrari brand visuals. Produced at Shroomstudio, I edited the main sequence using treated footage of the team's cars provided by the team in Hackney. I also produced the fx seen in the clip. (three minutes, 2011)

CCK Digital Migration commercial. Provided location support in Magadi and the Masai Mara game reserve, Kenya, and was part of the post team on return to the UK. We motion tracked in Syntheyes with modelling and animation rendered in Blender 3D and Lightwave. (1 minute, 2010)

mmon Word, documentary titles and graphics. Motion graphics sequences with text, video and paint for a one hour film documenting the 'Common Word' programme, a multi faith attempt to establish common ground between the major religions of the world. (2009)

United Nations 'Year of the Tree', short animated film introducing the UN's focus on forests for this year. Produced at shroomstudio by the animation team, I participated as a sequence animator, this clip shows half of one scene I made in Blender 3D for the film. (3 minutes , 2011)

Spook World, a pilot for an animated documentary series. I wrote and directed this promo in collaboration with Sebastian Barfield of BB
C Vision in Bristol to further the department's goal of producing fully animated dramatic documentaries. We shot on location as well as in a green screen studio. Animation and post was put together in Brighton with the help of several freelancers in Blender 3D and After Effects. (7 minutes, 2008)
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