I first worked on the Sigur Ros show in mid 2012 when I was introduced to creative director, Damian Hale at Third Company. Over the following year we created sequences for new tracks and reformatted and reimagined tracks that had already had content used with them. Working with their wide new LED screen gave us the opportunity to create an immersive environment that lived alongside the music and lights. Parts of the show used a kabuki drop which surrounded the band and their setup as a four sided projection screen, its fall revealed the widescreen behind for the main part of the show. The creative team won a 'Knights of Illumination' award for their work in 2013 following a very busy touring schedule including a run of summer festivals. We used footage from especially arranged shoots as well as footage gathered from archive sources and location shooting. I used an underwater camera to acquire moving plates of sea motion and underwater flora to allow us to reuse the original promo of Saegloppur in the new high resolution formats.
Forest sequence from Í Gær projected onto the kibuki box
Vaka viewed from front of house in Iceland
Another still from Vaka
Varud on the wide projection screen in Iceland
Untitled 8 building it's tension in Iceland
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